The Muse of coaching


  The muse of coaching

    She is a woman who decided to develop her entrepreneurial spirit in the USA. She is now living in Boston and is helping people make beautiful transformation through coaching people’s lives. She is Known for her positive energy.  I have been recognized for positively impacting people’s lives with love. She has accepted to be part of our work for Zion jewelry.  As you can see it is a great success.if you want to know more about her work, you can access her website.


  • Master Trainer and behavioral analyst, specializes in changing mentality and behavior.

Known for its positive energy, dynamism and use of techniques to change beliefs,

Carol Bernardes Study in the USA with one of the best coaches in the world

Anthony Robbins,

In addition to acting as a member of his team in volunteer work, he also studied with the Guru of wealth T. Harv Eker.

Today it operates in the area of human development helping other people to create their new reality

                               Zion,  jewelry for a fierce woman!!