Tassel earrings, how to wear them…

  Tassel earrings are such a great accessory to either give that final touch to the colorful outfit or to add a special look to a basic , casual combo. Some of the biggest spring summer trends right now are any itens with tassels, our rutilated quartz earrings are one of our favorites statement accessories to date!

Zion brazilian gemstones exotic made for you!!

But you have to pay attention at the size of your tassel earrings… if you have a long neck it’s  ok to wear a long tassel but if you have a short neck try to wear something less. at Zion jewelry we have some ideas for you… visit our website and me amazed with our brazilian gemstone jewelry!!




Here are some ideas for you !!!

those black onyx natural gemstone tassel earring, you can wear during the day with a long floral dress or in a casual dinner or party!!


Zion brazilian stones exotic made for you!!!