Do you know the quality of the metal used in your jewelry?

Just about every woman loves to dress up and top her outfit with jewelry, but knowing that the jewelry you are buying will not hurt your health is indispensable.

A survey by Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) revealed that the concentration of cadmium and lead in jewelry and costume jewelry, marketed in Brazil is 60 times above the levels considered acceptable. Most of these products come from Asia, heavy metals are used to cheapen costs, but are toxic substances that harm health and the environment.

The priority of these Asian companies is profit, hence using low-quality materials. Cadmium, known to cause cancer is used in high quantities in the manufacture of jewelry and costume jewelry produced by these manufacturers. The research conducted by Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) showed that 40% of the parts produced in China have 90% cadmium or lead.

Usually, these jewels are coated with a layer of a low-quality metal bath that easily decomposes by the body’s own sweat causing cadmium and lead to be absorbed by the body, causing kidney diseases, liver (diseases of the liver) and diseases in the central nervous system. When discarded in dumps they come into contact with the soil and can contaminate groundwater.

Zion pieces are based on bronze. Before receiving the final bath, the one we see in the finished piece, the metal is polished and receives three baths: the first to remove stains, the second removes the waste caused by possible oxidation and the third the copper bath, to level the piece and give shine. The final layer is composed of noble metals that can be 18k Gold, Pure Silver, Rhodium, Black Metallization, Graphite Metallization, Metallized Graphite Metals and Bronze Metallization.